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Garden Star Series

garden star collage


The effect laser systems of the Garden Star Series are special lighting effects not only for gardens, but also for parks, for use at home, for parties, for indoor as well as outdoor use. It's more than a garden laser - the versatile devices can be used as illumination for Halloween, Christmas Trees and many, many more applications.
Hundreds of red, green and blue thin laser dots create twinkling star like projections on plants, trees, walls, facades, ponds, at ceilings and even on huge buildings due to a wide scan angle. The Laserworld Garden Star units are particularly suitable for effective lighting in gardens and outdoor areas. The IP65 waterproof housings of the garden laser projectors even allow for placing them next to ponds or pools. Different versions are available: red-green and red-green-blue devices as well as static and rotating versions.

Special products:
The Garden Star LED is a red-green laser light effect combined with multicolor LED.
The Garden Star PRO White Star is the world's first optically generated white light star effect laser with color change and controllable rotation.

Garden Star devices red-green

garden star mini
garden star red-green
garden star pro red-green

Garden Star devices red-green-blue

garden star rgb
garden star rgb white
garden star pro rgb

Special Garden Star devices

garden star led
garden star pro white star